Featured solutions 6 Views How to register your Bom Shanka Machines

If you purchased through FastSpring you will receive an email receipt with the subject FastSpring Checkout from them containing your registration details, please check your Spam folder if you don't find it immediately.  You will also have a Bom Shanka Machines user area account created for you where you can access your Licenses.

  1. Click on the Options button in the plugin and choose the Registration option.
  2. Go to your user area, or email and copy the Name as shown making sure not to get any extra spaces on either side (the user area makes this easy by offering a "copy to clipboard" function), go back to the plugin, right click in the name field and choose Paste from the menu.
  3. Repeat for the Email and Key/License fields.
  4. Click OK and you will be presented with a Registration Successful message if everything was entered correctly.

Make sure that you use the correct Key for the relevant product if you have purchased the Everything Bundle.